Rides & Events

Get out and ride with us

We're a fun-loving social club that is out here to ride together, get stronger, and explore what our beautiful backyard has to offer.

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them”

Ernest Hemingway

Club Group Rides

We ride twice a week, April through October. On Sundays we take our long rides and Thursday evenings are shorter workout rides, usually involving local hills or effort intervals on the flats. Our usual starting spots are at the Port Moody Rec Centre (by the tennis courts) or by Tin House Brewing.

  • Thursday rides begin at 6:00 pm and can include hills around Anmore and Belcarra or SFU, or time trials on the flats in Pitt Meadows, or a trek to Fort Langley.
  • Sunday rides begin at 9:00 am and are typically mid- to long-distance rides (80-120 km) with a mix of flat and hills depending on the route.


We offer 3 groups: A, B, and C, with multiple subgroups, for example: B+, B, and B-, to accommodate different fitness levels, ride goals, paces, and ride length.

  • A Group (Competitive): Average Speeds 35-40 km/h with some faster sections; distance: 80-120+ km
  • B Group (Enthusiast): Average Speeds on flat roads: 30-35 km/h; distance: 60-120+ km
  • C Group (Social/Novice): Average Speeds on flat roads: 25-30 km/h; distance: 40-90+ km


If you are new to group riding or unsure of your fitness level we strongly recommend you start with the C group. B and C groups are "no drop" and the pace is set to ensure everyone rides in the group. There are no promises with the A group - expect a fast pace, quick hill climbs, and few, if any, rest stops.

Rides are led by a Ride Leader who provides navigation for the designated route, controls the pace, and ensures the group is riding in a safe manner.

Our calendar, ride details, route GPX files, and ability to RSVP is available through the team platform on TeamSnap. Once you are a member, you will get an invitation to join the club's TeamSnap for full access.

Destination Rides & Events

A few times a year we venture out into the wild for a new adventure and a little variation in our routes. We try to schedule annual rides to Mount Baker, Vancouver Island and pretty much anywhere we've heard the food is good and the beer is cold. Events are updated and announced via TeamSnap.

Mount Baker

Ride across the Canada-US border and up Mount Baker for an incredible full day of riding and climbing...and climbing... and more climbing.

Vancouver Island

Hop on the ferry and head across the straight to explore Vancouver Island. Through Sidney down to Saanich and back along the picturesque coast.


Friends get together for an epic weekend of road cycling in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan wine country along Okanagan Lake.

Anywhere there's food or beer

If there are three things we love more than cycling, it's food, beer and friends. We typically venture to the ends of the earth for the gooiest cinnamon bun or a perfect pint with the team.

Our Regular Routes

In case you can't make it out with us or you'd like to take a sneak peek at our local stomping grounds you can download GPX files for a few of our regular routes.

Pitt Meadows & Get Fast on the Flats

Take a spin out to the airport in Pitt Meadows with picturesque views of Mt. Baker in the distance and nice fast flat roads. This is a great route for those who are new to road cycling.

Fort Langley

Out and back to grab a delicious cookie at Wendel's or a quick snack at the river's edge and challenge segments over the Golden Ear's bridge. A staple in our itinerary for a quick reasonably flat route out into the Valley.

Belcarra & Buntzen Lake Hills

A challenging route through Anmore and out to the water's edge at Belcarra regional park, back up the Crystal Creek climb and into Buntzen Lake for a final vista view - on a hot day you may be tempted to take a dip.

About Tri-City Cycling

Based in Port Moody, British Columbia we encourage and support members from the community to enjoy an active lifestyle through cycling.

Our mission is to create a healthy, safe, and friendly environment to promote cycling skill development of all members through organized events.

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