Tri-City Cycling Club

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Tri-City Cycling’s mission is to create a healthy, safe, and friendly environment to promote cycling skill development of all members through organized events.

Whether you want to participate in weekly group rides, find new routes and cycling destinations, or just hang out with a bunch of like-minded cyclists, TCC offers a supportive and fun environment to help you reach your cycling goals. Our club is diverse with over 150 members and we’ll help you to find people to connect with. And our Facebook page is available to join to connect with our members to ask questions and share anything cycling related.

Membership is required to participate in all of our club group rides and destination events. Once becoming a member, we will set you up with our WhatsApp and TeamSnap so you’ll have full access to our ride & event calendar, chat, and be able to connect with other members.

If you are unsure you want to commit to a membership, you can participate in two free trial rides with the club. Please fill out our Drop-In Waiver and email it to to get more information on which of our ride groups would be the best fit for you to join.

For insurance purposes, a Cycling BC licence is required to become a club member. Their annual “Cycling 4 All” Membership licence provides sports accident, general liability insurance, and discounts at a wide variety of products and services. If you don’t have a current licence it will be included for purchase with the membership registration.

Fees: 2024 Membership is $50 till Jan 31st for our Early Bird Discount and normally $60 afterwards, and is valid for the calendar year. The price does not include Cycling BC licence fees.

Membership FAQ

We understand that there can be many questions that might come up when taking on a new endeavour. Contact us with any you may have!

How do I become a member?

Everyone that rides with the club must be a member in good standing. All club members must have a valid Cycling BC licence and balance of dues paid. Once you’re registered, we will add you to our club roster in TeamSnap and get you started with an email with all of the details.

Registration is facilitated through CCN Bikes where you can pay your club membership fee, get your Cycling BC licence, and sign the liability waiver all at once!

Why do I also need a Cycling BC licence?

Cycling BC is the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling in the province. They provide clubs like TCC with general and liability insurance, and the guidelines to safely operate.

For individuals, a Cycling BC licence provides sports accident and general liability insurance, plus discounts at a wide variety of products and services.

When you register for a Tri-City Cycling membership through CCN Bikes, you will also be able to purchase a Cycling BC licence.

Cycling BC also provides additional member benefits.

Equipment, skills and fitness requirements

We ride as a group, have fun, and do so safely. If you are new to group riding, learn some riding basics required before your first club ride.

Novices should ride with the C group, where you can develop your group riding skills at a social pace while increasing your fitness level. A and B-level riders should have solid group riding experience and be able to maintain a faster pace over longer distances.

The type of bike allowed will depend on whether we’re out riding road or gravel. Helmets are required by law and we recommend a few more necessities to bring to make your ride more enjoyable.

Everyone looks good in spandex, right?

Our club kits and accessories are designed and manufactured by Safetti. They manufacture quality high-performance clothing for Cycling and Triathlon. The kits come in multiple fits, with all the accessories for seasonal riding conditions.

When ordering your kit, be sure to check out the sizing chart and guidelines as custom items are not returnable. Due to the need to fulfill order volumes, we open the club store for limited duration a few times per season.